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What’s the Matter? (port)

Is the Matterport too good to be true at what seems like a too good to be true retail price ?

We here at TNM #teamnomates have been trialling our own survey information via the Matterport into Revit (from an export via Autodesk Recap) I missing a trick here or is the 2d plan offered by Matterport’s ‘third party drafting team’ saving my pointless exercise of drawing plans over the point cloud ?

How accurate is the Matterport export - website says 1% (of what 10mm in a metre I’m guessing ?) as to my mind point cloud outputs are always visually stunning and great for condition surveys etc but on plan are no where as near accurate as a two dimensional site survey data ? We are still relying heavily on using both forms of data to achieve the best results...

Great application software that Matterport run so that we can make Mattertag comments for a client to see a fully immersive model of their existing asset...

Are the days really over of pen and paper, manually surveying with a laser measure ?

Who else is using Matterport and what are your findings ? We would be interested to hear your thoughts

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