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BIM at TNM Architecture 


We are always asked - What is BIM (Building Information Modelling) ?


Building Information Modelling the process of creating and managing information on a construction project throughout a projects full lifecycle. Utilising BIM the construction industry is undergoing a digital revolution.

BIM is a way of working not a piece of software.



Using BIM allows for more work to be done by smaller teams, meaning lower costs and lesser miscommunications. Less time and money are spent in process and administration because of our higher document quality and better construction planning.

BIM here at TNM allows for flexibility, exploration and changes to the project design or documentation process at any time without major issues to the design team. This results in minimized coordination time and manual checking that enables the design team to have more time solving real architectural problems. Common modelling tools provide close control over technical and detailed decisions regarding design execution. The digital record of building renovations improves planning and management.


BIM enables design and documentation to be done concurrently. Scheduling, drawings, estimating, value engineering, planning, and other media are created whilst work is progressing. 


Nick Chapman as Director of TNM Architecture has recently completed the prestigious Task Information Management accreditation from the BRE allowing us use of the BRE Global Certication whilst also advocating use of interactive software BIM 360 and Dalux. 

Read our case study here TNM Architecture | Cadspec

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