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The TNM Lecture that went Viral....

Firstly,thanks again to the University of Wolverhampton for setting up today's lecture and for continually involving us as TNM Design Group.

Brilliant, positive feelings in such potentially confining times to have such a great group of recipients today for my online Architectural Technology lecture....Great to do my bit and give a bit back to the students of the University of Wolverhampton Architectural Technology and IAPD modules. Its always a bit difficult rambling to yourself on a screen but its 'how we roll' nowadays and I foresee things changing to more online meetings/formats in the future.

As I summed up with the students we can all still operate in this climate if the will to push forward and progress is still there.

If you don't have access to one piece of software then use another, there's always an alternative just maybe not as streamlined but that's maybe why we have all as a society become just a tiny bit lazier, as everybody wants everything pre- done yesterday. Worst case there's always pen and paper!

As I promised I have added a few links below - thanks to the owners of these channels...

Sketchup and Revit users with Enscape below:

Hope this helps - stay safe everyone, looking forward to seeing you all soon....

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