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The Next Generation : What do they need to know ?

Having been fortunate enough to be invited in to lecture at a few of the local universities over the past few years, we have always questioned what we deliver to the students - After all, they are the generation immersed in technological revolution, internet generation, and don't know about when phones weren’t smart or when pens and tracing paper did a CAD machines job !

A lot of fellow professionals are maybe intimidated by this and are unaware that they have the power to be influential in their dedicated area of expertise, because over a career we build up levels of knowledge that can be undeniably valuable for university students who are looking to gain real-life insights.

Captivating students is not all about the technology and software, firstly time constraints don't allow it, a brief overview with a few links to relevant guidance ( you tube sufficient ) - focusing on showing human-centric qualities is the most important asset we have. Ultimately if you are unable to captivate an audience on an academic level, it will be a lot harder to do the same on a professional level.

What do we get from the experience, well even with little experience, guest lecturing can help develop and refine our public speaking skills.

At the end of lectures going from table to table, talking about their ideas and insights, I am always struck by something that, perhaps naively, I hadn’t considered when I was preparing presentations the previous day.

While I was there to help them understand our ideas and experience, I hadn’t considered for a moment that I would also learn from them. But I did.

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