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We as TNM Design Group have been commissioned by one of our clients to look into the safe re-integration of staff into their existing open plan office spaces. This has raised so many questions between our team, where do we start ? -

Our thought was to base everything on a 2m social distance and try to work backwards.

No proposal will ever create the perfect environment but alongside the clients management strategy, we can reduce ways for germs to be spread. As designers, we can provide some form of solution, so that when people return to the workplace a form of safeguarding is in place for them.

Our findings as a basic format were:

Numbers of staff in spaces have to be reduced/relocated in our experience

Incorporate sanitiser points at entrance points and around printers/photocopiers

Work your space planning around opening windows if no mechanical vent available

Manage Kitchen / Bathroom / Shower uses as risk elements on drawings

Indicate clear circulation routes and incorporate wayfinding

We welcome any findings / comments anyone has to make.

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