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Kung Fu Architecture

Believe it or not we were recently approached to help complete a students project submission, which we politely declined for obvious reasons - they would have liked ‘in an afternoon’ to learn building Revit families, adding lighting, the rendering process - generally making the information already produced into something legible. I must say we thought the individual showed great business initiative and forward thinking but to my mind it was a way of fast tracking past the hard work and accomplishment of self-producing the information.

Having studied 'kung fu' for many years many different meanings are attributed to the term such as hard work” and patient accomplishment. I spent many years learning and 30 years later am still learning on a daily basis. What would shortcutting the learning process make you....a fake architectural ninja with a meaningless certificate.

Architectural detailing, sketching, producing 3d work, dealing with contractors...the list goes on all takes time and effort to learn, it doesn't happen overnight.

So why do students feel the need to ask for help ?

Well, for a start most new Architectural positions have the standard requirement of understanding Revit (or Equal Approved) nowadays why aren't Universities ploughing more time into this as a module ? We know of a few where Revit is taught only in the first semester and then forgotten until final presentations. Sure there is a hell of a lot of resource on You Tube and Linked In premium but nothing beats hands on experience - again very much like the kung analogy earlier. How are students meant to suddenly acquire the skillset and knowledge ?.....answers on a postcard please.

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