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I think I need a Mentor to Mentor Me in improving in my Mentoring....

Having over the last few months joined the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists Mentor Match Me program, I am trying to take the time to jot down a few thoughts that have come to mind whilst talking to Mentees and also to give a little straight talking, Black Country style, offering of a guiding hand to anyone who is unsure of attempting the membership routes available through CIAT or to anyone having any sort of issue in Architectural Practice.

Lets get this straight from the off, Mentoring for the Institute isn't a paid job, I do it for the satisfaction of helping others, nothing more - Yes, I may not get every answer to every individuals specific membership route correct, but I know where I can find the answers for you. It's not only a mentoring process about filling in forms to help push you towards the MCIAT Chartered Architectural Technologist status via Professional interview, its more of an holistic process where we can discuss most things that are career related. (No, I cant ring your boss to ask for a pay rise !)

Looking back over my last thirty two years in Architectural practice, I certainly feel that I have a lot of experiences to draw from and can offer advice on anything related to Architectural Technology in some form or another. I have been the office junior, done the late nights worrying about a detail I didn't understand ( they usually look different the next morning with a fresh pair of eyes) - if you have worries that you need to discuss away from the office - Mentor Match Me offers that outlet.

A lot of us are having a tough time in one way or another at the moment. If someone can help with a friendly ear, why not take up their help ? I cant offer tea and biscuits currently, but buy your own and we can have a virtual tea party on a suitable software platform.

If anyone is interested in the CIAT Mentor Match Me scheme, put yourselves forwards for a potential match local to yourself in the link above or contact me confidentially for an informal chat and I will try and help in whatever way I can.

Below are a couple of comments emailed through from some of my current Mentee's -

'Being able to pick Nick's brain about setting up and running a practice has been so helpful. I would strongly recommended the CIAT mentoring scheme it has helped me out so much.'

'Great start to my mentor me journey - lots to talk about and really nice to discuss with someone who has already experienced what I am looking to achieve.'

Finally, remember, that the mentoring is a two way thing, I get as much out of it as you, just keep the rules simple - try to keep to any appointments we make, no shouting and obscenities are allowed from anyone, apart from me.

Stay safe.

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