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This week at #nomates - we have joined the Dark Side. Our Revit models are now safe and warm, uploaded into a cloud based environment via Autodesk BIM 360 - 'offering the promise of connecting project teams and data in real time, from design through to construction (and beyond).

Ok what the hell is cloud based ? Is this cloud sitting above us in Wolverhampton ready to rain down data at the drop of a hat or is it like a VAR decision, based somewhere hundreds of miles away....delayed and inconsistent ? Answers on a postcard please.

What does the common data environment / online collaboration do for us at TNM ? Increase productivity, reduce risks, increase information consistency and quality across the Design Team, which hopefully gives clients an improved service over the lifecycle of their building.

First impressions - Revit functionality is solid. It doesn't give the impression that the files are stored up in the cloud. (note to self - its not a real cloud) Renaming files or moving them around does not require re-linking as the software seems to manage everything.

In conclusion as a common data environment its a great product, hopefully improving our workflows and profitability, but I think that the service is overpriced per seat, however lets be honest -this is the Autodesk solution to using Autodesk products so I assume we are restricted due to compatibility issues.

We'd be interested to hear your thoughts - opinions on collaboration / cloud based / alternatives....

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